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As you look around your office building, you see that something just has to be done about the cleanliness of it. Your staff has not only put in a long day at the office, but now they have to go and clean windows, collect trash, clean toilets and wipe down mirrors.

You don't need to lower morale by making your staff clean. You need to hire a professional Waterloo cleaning company who can do all of this and so much more!

Our work at Quality Commercial Cleaning is top notch and guaranteed to improve the company moral and make you smile.


Waterloo Carpet Cleaning


At Quality Commercial Cleaning, we do not care how big or how small your office or home is. We can tackle any job small or large. We will work with youto customize a cleaning plan that is right for you and yor company and for your budget as well. The economy can be a little wonky, but that does not mean that you still do not have cleaning needs. Times can get tough, so we will make sure that your plan is tailored to you and your needs - nothing more, nothing less.

And our cleaning professionals take pride on being on time to your fine Waterloo establishment. As part of your cleaning package, you tell us when it works best for you for our crew to come in to tidy up and that's when we will be there. We understand that sometimes, there are time sensitive issues and facilities need to be cleaned. We will be there on time every time.

We only hire and employ staff that is fully trained and fully certified. These individuals have been properly vetted as far as their experience and their security.


Waterloo Commercial Cleaning

Our clients in Waterloo range from supermarkets, schools, motels, banks, gyms, to nursing homes, car dealerships and day care centers. There is a wide array of services we offer for cleaning your official and industrial spaces such as the ones listed below.

Our staff can clean your spaces on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, as per your requirements. The janitorial services we offer include:


Waterloo Waste Management

Many types of businesses generate hazardous waste. Some are small companies that may be located in a community. For example; dry cleaners, automobile repair shops, hospitals, exterminators, and photo processing centers. We have the means and the know how to properly dispose of any and all waste. We are the managment experts!

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Here are what loocal people in Waterloo are saying about us:

The team were very friendly and accommodating and would definitely recommend!

- Ms Lindsay, Surrey

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